12th Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X

10–12 July Fabrica, Treviso, Italy

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Conference Program

Wednesday 10
12:00 ShuttleTreviso Porta San Tomaso to Fabrica


School of X

  • Teodora Alata The Engine, the Gardener, and the Oracle: Game Engines as Speculative Tools
  • Ludovica Schaerf Text-AI-les: Disentanglement, the Multi-dimensional Archive, and the Use of Color in Textile Samples
  • Martin Disley Model Distillation: Collapse as a Method of Revealing Algorithmic ‘House Style’
  • Federico Espositi First Contact: Crafting Authentic Otherness to Foster Social Interaction of Non-Humanoid Avatars
15:25 School of X Demos


School of X

  • Verónica Silva Is the future of Design practice Rubbish? Examining the Repercussions of Using AI Within the Field
  • Piera Riccio Representing the Human Body in the Era of AI
  • Geoffrey Hondroudakis Scaling the Transsystematic: Navigating the Impasses of Computational Culture
  • Grace Han Encountering the Generative Archive
  • Alexander Walmsley Landing Sites
17:00 ShuttleTreviso Porta San Tomaso to Fabrica


Exhibition Opening Opening Cocktail & Tour



  • Karen Ann Donnachie, Andy Simionato with Maurizio Opalio and Roberto Opalio (aka My Cat Is An Alien) performing Evolution of nSpace (2004-2024)
20:45 ShuttleFabrica to Treviso
Thursday 11, Friday 12



  • Lawrence Bird Cargo
  • Joana Pestana, Mariana Pestana Eden X
  • Juro Carl Anton Reinhardt Schwellen [Thresholds]: How Real Are Digital and Virtual Worlds?
  • Kim Frederic Albrecht Artificial Worldviews
  • Martin Disley, Murad Khan Not I: The Voice, Identity and The Epistemic Mirage of Machine Learning
  • Theodore Koterwas All the Boys Ate a Fish
  • Derek Curry, Jennifer Gradecki Epic Sock Puppet Theater
  • Zoe-Alanah Robert Delete Me
  • Kat Mustatea Voidopolis
  • Jérémie Queyras Harmon-i: Human Artificial Reflection on Machine-Originated Neural Imagination
  • Patrícia Reis, Stefanie Wuschitz, Taguhi Torosyan Coffee Table: An Interactive Installation
  • Haoran Chang East Beijing Road: Reimagining Archive as Repertoire in Asymmetric VR Interaction and (In)Visible Pasts
  • Puneet Jain Crip Sensorama: Re-imagining XR with people with sensorimotor disabilities through criptastic hacking
  • Mikkel Rørbo Denial Sage
  • Philippe Kocher, Daniel Bisig Echobjects: A Context-Aware Sound Installation
  • Christian Faubel Five Robots Playing Pentatonic, Polyrhythmic Songs: 2-3-4-6-8
Thursday 11
9:00 ShuttleTreviso Porta San Tomaso to Fabrica
9:30 Registration and accreditation
9:40 ShuttleTreviso Porta San Tomaso to Fabrica


Paper Session 1

  • Kim Frederic Albrecht Eternal, Data, Decay
  • Rocio Gomez, Andrea Galano Toro, Quelic Berga-Carreras Embracing Death Processes: A Humanistic Inquiry into Art, Technology, and HCI
  • Graziele Lautenschlaeger Where Are the Media Artist Mothers (And Other Parents)? Embracing Intersectional Feminist Perspectives in Media Art
  • Nadja Reifer Exploring a Mucilage Mingle of Interspecies Incubation Assemblages
  • Q&A (moderator Luísa Ribas)
11:15 Break


Paper Session 2

  • Victoria Bradbury Mother Bear Mother Hen and Rattlin’ Bog: Activating Critical Making, Art Hack Practice and Ludic Modalities in Developing Interactive and Virtual Reality Artworks
  • Federico Espositi, Andrea Bonarini “My Robot Body”: A Workshop to Promote Body Awareness and Digital Literacy through Embodiment with Robots
  • Yu Li Digital Performativity and Its Slippage of Agency in Cyberspace
  • Aya Meskawi, Provides Ng, Valentina Soana Performative Architecture as a Theatrical Performer: A Technological Extension to Dancers’ Movements
  • Q&A (moderator Jung In Jung)
12:45 Lunch Break at Fabrica


Artworks Session

  • Lawrence Bird
  • Joana Pestana, Mariana Pestana
  • Juro Carl Anton Reinhardt
  • Kim Frederic Albrecht
  • Martin Disley, Murad Khan
  • Theodore Koterwas
  • Derek Curry, Jennifer Gradecki
  • Zoe-Alanah Robert
  • Kat Mustatea
  • Jérémie Queyras
  • Patrícia Reis, Stefanie Wuschitz, Taguhi Torosyan
  • Haoran Chang
  • Puneet Jain
  • Mikkel Rørbo
  • Philippe Kocher, Daniel Bisig
  • Christian Faubel
  • Q&A (moderator Jason Reizner)
16:30 Break


Francesca Franco Keynote
Q&A (moderator Mario Verdicchio)

18:30 Dinner Break at Fabrica



  • Mattia Parisse Lowcore: For Hacked DVD Player
  • Joana Chicau Human-Computer Counter-Choreographies
  • Majella Clarke The Sonic Conductor
  • Leon Eckard Transmutation: Für Holz und Silizium
  • Nicola Privato Mouja
  • Lauren Hayes Suspended in Gabba: Musical Improvisation for Embodied Human-Machine Learning
22:30 ShuttleFabrica to Treviso
Friday 12
9:00 ShuttleTreviso Porta San Tomaso to Fabrica
9:40 ShuttleTreviso Porta San Tomaso to Fabrica


Paper Session 3

  • Dejan Grba Strange Undercurrents: A Critical Outlook on AI’s Cultural Influence
  • Mujie Li Media Language and the Technological Imaginary
  • Nicola Privato, Thor Magnusson AI Hauntology and the Hauntographic Method
  • Jérémie Queyras Machinery of the Mind: Art as a Pathway to Understanding Machine Consciousness
  • Q&A (moderator Mario Verdicchio)
11:15 Break


Paper Session 4

  • Najam Ul-Assar Exploring CyArk: Needs, Novelties, and Dilemmas
  • Sophie Publig Bestiarium Memeticum
  • Shih Wei Chieh, Ricardo Vega Mora, María José Ríos, Satoru Sugihara H.Om.E Project: An Intercultural Dialog between Computers and Traditions around the Concepts of Home
  • David Schmudde Between Chaos and Order
  • Q&A (moderator Martin Zeilinger)
12:45 Lunch Break at Fabrica



  • Thomas Rosser Sunspeak: A Networked Solarpunk Performance


Paper Session 5

  • Darío Negueruela del Castillo, Iacopo Neri, Pepe Ballesteros Zapata Mimesis and Machinic Agency: An Exploration of Autonomous Image-Text Loops
  • Ellen Pearlman Language Is Leaving Me: An AI Cinematic Biometric Performance
  • Alberto de Campo, Bruno Gola, Hannes Hoelzl, Isak Han Absolute Relativity: A Multi-Agent Collaborative Performance Paradigm
  • Q&A (moderator Caterina Moruzzi)
15:00 Break


Performances session

  • Mattia Parisse
  • Joana Chicau
  • Majella Clarke
  • Leon Eckard
  • Nicola Privato
  • Lauren Hayes
  • Q&A (moderator André Rangel)


Neural 30th


Christa Sommerer Keynote
Q&A (moderator Rosemary Lee)

18:30 ShuttleFabrica to Treviso


Closing event Treviso

Transfer shuttles will depart from Porta San Tomaso in Treviso. Should you for any reason miss the shuttle, here is how to get to Fabrica on your own with public transport or taxi (+390422431515 or apptaxi.it)


Portrait of Christa Sommerer

Christa Sommerer is an internationally renowned media artist, researcher and pioneer of interactive art. She worked at the IAMAS Academy in Gifu, Japan, the ATR Research Labs in Kyoto, Japan, the MIT CAVS in Cambridge US and the NCSA in Champaign-Urbana, IL, USA. In 2004 together with Laurent Mignonneau she set up the department for Interface Cultures in Linz, Austria. Sommerer held visiting professor positions at CAFA Central Academy of Fine Arts Beijing, Tsukuba University and Aalborg University, Denmark. Together with Laurent Mignonneau she created around 40 interactive artworks shown in around 350 international exhibitions. They received numerous awards, including the Austrian State Art Award in the category media art. Between 2021 and 2024 their 30 years retrospective exhibition “The Artwork as a Living System,” curated by Karin Ohlenschläger is touring from the ZKM in Karlsruhe, to the OK Center in Linz, to the iMAL in Brussels and the Azkuna Zentroa in Bilbao. This exhibition is accompanied by a comprehensive overview of their art works in the book “Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau — The Artwork as a Living System” edited by Karin Ohlenschläger, Peter Weibel and Alfred Weidinger. It was published in 2022 at the MIT Press, Leonardo Book series.


Portrait of Francesca Franco

Francesca Franco is a Venetian-born curator, producer and art historian based in the UK and Italy. She is Visiting Professor at Danube University Krems, where she teaches Media Art and Curatorial Practice. From 2019 to 2023, she was Co-Investigator on the AHRC-funded project “Documenting digital art: re-thinking histories and practices of documentation in the museum and beyond” at the University of Exeter. In 2022 she produced and curated Vera Molnár: Icône 2020, an exhibition centred on a new commission, “Icône 2020”, at the 59th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia. In 2017, she was curator-in-residence at the Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa Venice, where she curated Algorithmic Signs, an exhibition that explored the history of pioneering generative art. The central theme of Francesca’s research is the history of art and technology and the pioneers of computer art. A major focus has been the history of the Venice Biennale culminating in a series of publications that have been translated into various languages. Her first solo-authored book, Generative Systems Art, was published by Routledge in 2018. Her second monograph, The Algorithmic Dimension, was published by Springer in 2022. Her forthcoming book on the history of computer art at the Venice Biennale will be published by Springer in 2024.


School of X

Following the success of its first edition in 2023, the School of X is back as part of xCoAx 2024. The School of X is a virtual and physical space where PhD candidates have the opportunity to share their current research project and/or artistic endeavour for the chance to exchange ideas, discussing theory and practice, give and receive feedback, both with fellow participants and with the School of X mentors: Angela Ferraiolo (Sarah Lawrence College), André Rangel (Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto), Caterina Moruzzi (University of Edinburgh), Luísa Ribas (Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon), Mario Verdicchio (Università degli Studi di Bergamo), Martin Zeilinger (Abertay University), and Miguel Carvalhais (Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto).


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